Apollo Victoria Theatre Seat Chart and Guide

The Apollo Victoria Theatre in Victoria is one of London's largest performance venues. Seating over 2,200 people on two levels, there is a wide range of seating options and prices available. The building used to be a cinema, which means that views of the stage are generally unobstructed regardless of where your seat is located.


The Stalls is the main section of the theatre and closest to the stage, fanning out from it for over 30 rows. Each row is extremely wide, with almost 50 seats in the widest part of the section. The Stalls are divided into a front and rear section, with each of those divided further into central and side blocks. Seats towards the furthest end of the rows may have restricted views due to the large size of the venue. Best seats are towards the middle of the auditorium, closest to the central aisle. The overhang from the level above begins to obstruct the very top of the stage at the rear Stalls, and although the section is moderately raked, this may cause some sight-line issues.


The Circle section seats over 1000 people and is divided into a front, middle and rear section. Each block of seats is then divided further into smaller sections, so you never feel particularly cramped. Legroom and accessibility is generally very good in this venue as it is easy to move around between seats. The front five rows of this section provide some of the best views in the whole theatre. The further back from the stage you go, the cheaper the price becomes. It is possible to feel very far away from the stage, although the views at the rear of the section are generally clear.


Where are the best seats for children at the Adelphi Theatre?

Children are advised to sit where they can see well in order that their attention is most likely to be held throughout. The front of the Circle provides the best overall view of the stage with rows C-F giving excellent views. The central block of seats in the Stalls section on either side of the aisle is also a good choice, as it gives clear access and excellent views of the stage.

Where are the Restricted View seats?

Stalls: In Rows B-F, the first 4 seats in the row may lose some of the action on the furthest sides of the stage. Rows B-P may have similar issues with the final 2 seats in each row. Circle: Seats around the stairwells and aisles, including R: 14-20, 31-36; P: 1,2,6,7, 44, 45, 49,50; L: 1-5, 48-52; K 11-17, 36-42; J: 12-17, 36-41.

How many steps are there in the theatre?

There are two entrances to the theatre. The Wilton Road foyer is accessed by 4 steps, with 9 steps on the opposite Vauxhall Bridge Road entrance. There are then 29 steps down to the Stalls level, and 13 steps up to the Dress Circle. There is an accessible entrance into the foyer from Vauxhall Bridge Road, please arrive 30-45 minutes before the show starts and notify an usher when you are outside. There is also a wheelchair lift inside the main foyer. Customers with mobility issues are advised to book seats in the Dress Circle, as this is the most accessible area of the auditorium. There is also an in-house wheelchair that can be borrowed for the duration of your visit.Please note, any patrons wishing to use the lifts must contact the theatre in advance on 0207 828 7074.

Where are the toilets located?

The accessible toilet is located in the main foyer near the cloakroom. Male and female toilets are located on both levels of the auditorium, as well as the main foyer.

Where are the bars located?

There is a bar located in the main foyer along with a concession stand. There are further bars in each level, as well as VIP rooms which are available to hire on request.

Are there wheelchair facilities in the theatre?

There are 4 wheelchair spaces per performance located in the Dress Circle section. These do get booked very quickly, and it is advisable to book well in advance. Transfer seating is also available to seats in row F of the Dress Circle, but please note that other seats in this section do have steps up to them and no handrails.